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No contract.
Cancel anytime.
No charge to switch plans.
Choose different plans for different vehicles.
24/7/365 Technical Support
No worries, Geotab’s premium support is here to help with the system – anytime.
Live, accurate mapping updated every 15-100 seconds
Accurate tracking helps improve productivity and customer service
Historical second by second tracking : patented recording system
Precise tracking helps dispatch, accident reconstruction and legal defense
Web-based software, with Apps for Android and iOS
Ease of access, unlimted users and computers, smartphones & tablets, anywhere
Live Google mapping and other map types
Includes: Google mapping and others, including custom maps
Unlimited Geofences (aka as Geozones, zones, points of interest)
Virtual geographic boundaries, with rules for entry and exit
Unlimited vehicles and users
Fully scalable from one to unlimited vehicles and users
Locate closest vehicle by address or map position including distances
Knowing closest driver, saves fuel cost and improves service
Guaranteed at least one year of history in the cloud. Local file export always
Access historical information, helps with disputes, billing, law suits, etc.
REPORTS: Rich reporting functionality: editable, customizable
Over 30 editable to start, with unlimited custom reports:
Timecard, custom work hours, business vs. personal, employee productivity,
personal use, fuel, tax benefits & many more
ALERTS: Unlimited, customized for speeding, idling, geofences, etc.
Be alerted to bad driver behaviour and improve customer service
MAINTENANCE: reminders scheduled by time, distance or calendar
Save time, perform scheduled maintenance, avoid breakdowns
TAMPERING detection
Know if the tracking device was removed and take action
Flexible user security access control
Set many different levels of security access
Basic driver coaching – In cab audible alerts for speeding, idling and more
Bad driving behaviour affects vehicle & fuel costs and company image
Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) : App (Android and iOS)
Electronic results are sent to office, saves time, limits infractions and liability
Privacy Mode
Don’t track vehicles outside business hours. Set parameters to respect privacy
Driver ID feature available (extra cost for key FOB system)
Know who was behind the wheel
Add-Ons and partner solutions through Geotab Marketplace
Unlimited options and upgrades :
Advanced Features
Over-the-air firmware updates and plan upgrades
Avoid obsolescence with transparent updates to the hardware
Security: End-to-end security using authentication, encryption, etc
Demand security that is second to none
Customizable dashboards
See at a glance the concepts that you want to measure
SDK and APIs that are open, free, and easy to use
Integration with free SDK – Software Development Kit
Automatic VIN readout
Know exactly which tracker serial number is in which vehicle
Lifetime device warranty *
If a device fails, you’re covered. No more outlay.
* Certain conditions apply
Odometer and engine hours*
Automatic tracking of distance and engine usage
*not based on engine’s computer data in Base plan
Upgrading to the Regulatory, Pro or Pro+ plan
provides these additional features:
Advanced vehicle maintenance: actual engine hours & engine odometer
Measurements are more advanced than Base plan
Free Geotab Drive app: Routing, dispatch, two-way messaging, fuel tracking,
ELD (Electronic Logging Device), HOS (Hours of Service),
DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report)

Avoid purchasing specialized solutions, because these features are free
Upgrading to the Pro or Pro+ plan
provides these additional features:
Accident detection and erratic driving alerts. Track harsh braking, acceleration,
cornering. Accident detection and reconstruction.

For safety of the driver and the public. Instantly notify the office
Advanced driver coaching: In cab audible alerts = behavior modification
Bad driving behaviour affects vehicle & fuel costs and company image
Advanced engine data: status data for all major engine protocols, including:
coolant temperature, RPM, check engine light, battery voltage data

Know issues with the vehicles even before the mechanic.
Knowledge of issues can help avoid costly repairs.
Advanced fuel management — Track fuel ups, fuel drain, fuel theft, fuel card
Know the fuel efficiency of your vehicles and eliminate fuel theft
Optionally add sensor monitoring with attachment
Monitor hydraulics, plows, temperature, PTO, all with mapping of activity
Upgrading to the Pro+ plan
provides these additional features:
Animated Tracking: Live, animated tracking = higher frequency & precision
Live, real-time, animated tracking. Watch the vehicles move on the map
Roadside service: towing, lock out, battery boost, fuel delivery, flat, etc. (1)
No worries, we are here to help with your vehicle – anytime

(1) When all devices on this plan, some vehicle restrictions may apply.

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