Alerts in Geotab Tracking System

Geotab alerts can be setup in a ton of ways for your vehicles. This feature allows you to monitor your vehicles without having to constantly look on your screen, saving you valuable time.

Geotab system uses two concepts to send alerts.
1. Rules: Custom or preset rules for specific conditions of the vehicle. ( eg. in a zone for longer than 15m, speeding 10 kph over the limit over 2 minutes, or idling greater than 10 minutes, back at yard)
2. Exception: Created when a rule is broken.

There are several ways you can receive alerts after an exception is created. Any and all combinations of these alerts can be setup for each individual account.
1. On screen notification: Once a rule is broken and exception is created, a triangle will popup notifying that which vehicle is breaking the rule. It will also show up on trips history.

2. On Screen Urgent popup: This alert will pop up in your main map screen and will stay there until its dismissed. That way you will not miss any alerts you are concerned about.

3. Email/Text alert: Alerts can also be set to be emailed or texted to you. As soon as a rule is broken, the system will generate the alert and it will take a minute or two be sent out to your email or cell phone.

4. In cab beeping: Geotab GO units can be setup for in cab beeping when a vehicle crosses a preset speed set in the system. Unfortunately, this can only be setup based on a specific speed and not the road speed limit. If a vehicle goes over the speed set in the system, the device will start beeping.  The in cab beeping can also be setup for idling, where if a vehicle is idling over a certain period of time, the device will start beeping.

All alerts in Geotab can be sent to anyone via email/text. Speeding alerts based on road speed limit can be sent to drivers. It will not be in real time, but the user will get it within two minutes from the time the rule is triggered.