Geotab GO vehicle
Tracking Device

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Get Tracking with a Geotab GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Geotab GO Vehicle Tracking Device

Geotab plug and play tracker GO8-LTEATT

Trusted in over 2 million light and heavy-duty vehicles in over 130 countries around the globe,  Geotab is the largest supplier of  telematics technology to the US government.

  • Delivers true live second by second vehicle tracking
  • Palm-size powerful GPS hardware device with built-in antenna
  • User installable—simply plug into mechanic’s diagnostic port—no wiring or technical knowledge required
  • Automatic upgrades over the air at no charge
  • Operates with all vehicles including electric (may require adapter)
  • Features 32-bit processor, expanded memory and RAM, and a gyroscope
  • Offers native vehicle support, fuel usage support, and global expansion
  • Connects to external devices, e.g., temperature sensor, satellite tracking, driver ID via IOX

Geotab GO GPS vehicle tracking device

The Geotab GO GPS tracking device features a 32-bit processor, extra RAM and memory, and a gyroscope. These powerful palm-size devices have been measuring vehicle trips and activity for heavy and light-duty vehicles for over 20 years with the highest quality precision.

Enhanced data for the best results

Dependent on the service plan selected, the state-of-the-art Geotab GO GPS tracking device analyzes activity every second and delivers feature-rich benefits to make managing your fleet of vehicles easier than ever before.

Vehicle tracking

Geotab GO delivers accurate data on all your vehicle locations, speeds, trip distances and times, engine idling, and more. Its advanced telematics start recording as soon as your driver begins driving, whether your vehicle is indoors or outdoors.

Vehicle fitness

Prioritize your vehicles’ maintenance schedules to ensure optimum performance thanks to Geotab GO’s reporting of VINs, odometer readings, engine fault notifications, and more. This data also helps identify safe or risky driving habits so you can take action where needed.

Vehicle collision notification

Geotab patented algorithms and the GO device’s accelerometer delivers harsh-event data (acceleration, braking, cornering, etc.) via email and desktop alerts. Detailed forensic data and collision reconstruction of events (including in-vehicle reverse collisions) is included.

Secured data

Geotab GO uses authentication, encryption, and message integrity verification. Each Geotab GO device uses a unique ID and non-static security key, which make it difficult to forge a device’s identity. Over-the-air updates use digitally-signed firmware to verify a trusted source.

Driver coaching

Use Geotab GO’s driver coaching and correction to enhance fleet safety with immediate feedback. Identify driving behaviors, e.g., aggressive or erratic driving, speeding, and idling, by playing an audible alert or by coaching the driver with spoken words (optional add-on).

Advanced data

Utilizing multiple internal networks, the Geotab GO captures data from a multitude of sources, including the engine, drivetrain, instrument cluster, and other subsystems.

Installs in seconds

The Geotab GO GPS device simply plugs into your vehicle’s OBD ll port or via an adaptor for those vehicles without a port. No antenna or wire splicing is required. It’s quick, easy, and no additional tools or professional installers are required.

Light-duty vehicle adapters

Extension cables are not required for light-duty vehicles. However, in some vehicles the Geotab GO device may protrude from the dash slightly. In this case, by purchasing an extension cable, you will be able to reposition the Geotab GO device under the dash and out of sight.

Heavy-duty vehicle adapters

An extension cable is required for heavy-duty vehicles. These are sold in bundled packages. Find out which adapter(s) your vehicle supports. Most vehicles use a 9-pin port; however, some older vehicles use a 6-port pin.

Geotab telematics

Geotab Inc. has been developing end-to-end GPS telematics solutions since 1996. Geotab’s solutions are proven technology used by some of the largest, as well as some of the smallest, fleets in the world. Geotab is the largest supplier of telematics technology to the US Government and consequently is at the forefront of fleet and resource management technology. State-of-the-art software and hardware has always been a Geotab trademark. All Geotab’s products are manufactured in Ontario, Canada.