Base plan Maintenance Reminders vs. Pro plan : Fuel Usage and Levels, Engine Diagnostics & Maintenance Reminders

The “estimate” in base mode is miles via GPS and engine hours via ignition on / off, therefore these figures are accumulating from zero.  At the start, you can enter the odometer or enter the odometer at anytime and it will continue to accumulate KMs from that point on.  The engine hours will accumulate from the start of the tracking.  Therefore you can then schedule maintenance in Base mode on either:

  • Miles (odometer)
  • Engine hours
  • Calendar

You can use this information to setup reminders for maintenance in the Base plan as shown here:

How to video:  How to Schedule Maintenance Reminders (05:15)

also, here is the follow up video:

How to video:  Dynamic Vehicle Maintenance Reminder Custom Report (01:11)

To take advantage of an extensive vehicle maintenance program, then you would need to be on the Pro Plan.

Here is a comprehensive video, which discusses in depth:  Fuel, Engine Diagnostics & Maintenance Reminders (53:30)

Topics included in this video,
Fuel Data:Introduction 0:26
Fuel Usage & MPG 2:48
Fuel Usage Report 4:02
Fill-Ups (Beta) 6:29
Engine Diagnostics: Engine Data 12:03
Odometer 13:33
Seat Belt 19:26
Engine Measurements 21:42
Engine Faults 33:10
Maintenance Reminders: Overview 39:09
Reminder 39:42