Tracking Business vs. Personal use in Geotab

Tracking Business vs Personal use in Geotab can be very useful for employee productivity and also for tax and regulation purposes. Even if you allow personal use as a benefit for employment, it is good to know how much they are using the unit and track the wear and tear on your vehicles. Hopefully, they are not abusing this perk and taking advantage of your generosity.

The Geotab system has a business vs personal report. Please see link below for example. Rules may vary for each region, however this report provides you with a summary of your trips and distances driven for each trip.

The report combines 2 important Geotab features.

1. Zones: They are geographical areas that can be drawn on the map and categorized by type for Home, Offices and Customers. This creates a virtual fence. To help you, we have colored the zone stops and zone types that are identified in the report for your quick reference.

2. Work Hours: This can be a defined time period in the system on a per vehicle basis. This allows the system to track when the vehicle is being used for work, if the vehicles are travelling during work hours.

Using these two concepts, the report can automatically filter out the drive to and from work.

Therefore, business use is estimated as any trip during work hours that did not end at a home zone.

This Report uses the Trip Detail Report for a 1 week period. For convenience the pie chart can help you see your percentage of personal vs business use. In addition, the report can be assigned to a single vehicle or driver and scheduled for email delivery on a regular weekly basis so submitting expense reports and driver logs has never been simpler — saving time each week.

Below is an example of the pie chart that is shown in the Geotab DashboardClick here to download Excel spreadsheet sample


For more information about report showing vehicle use for personal trips on the weekends