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Minimize Risk With DVIR

Federal mandate requires all drivers to fill out Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports on daily basis. This can seems like an overbearing task however, when properly executed helps to minimize risks and save money.

To monitor vehicles for safety issues, and to detail vehicle operations the Federal Motor Carrier Association regulates DVIRs. At the end of each day a vehicle is in operation, fleet drivers must complete and submit a DVIR noting the following parts and accessories:

  • Service brakes (including trailer brake connections)
  • Parking brake
  • Steering mechanism
  • Lighting devices and reflectors
  • Tires
  • Horn
  • Windshield wipers
  • Rear vision mirrors
  • Coupling devices
  • Wheels and rims
  • Emergency equipment

According to the FMCSA the top fleet safety violations is improperly maintained vehicle inspection reports.

With drivers having so much on their minds it can be too easy to forget to fill out their daily DVIR’s. This is where GPS Tracking US comes in to save the day for your fleet. Using a Geotab Go series of GPS Tracking Systems, accompanied by a tablet or smartphone running Android OS you can install Geotab’s Drive Android application to help with a simple tap solution to filling out DVIR’s. This application will also monitor Hours Of Service (HOS).

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