In Benefits of GPS Tracking

Two of the top concerns of fleet managers are improving driver safety and reducing costs. GPS vehicle tracking provides fleet monitoring tools that can record both metrics to help improve your fleet. GPS Tracking USA is an authorized Geotab distributor and with My Geotab you can achieve both with their driver score card report.

This enables fleet operators to identify drivers who compromise safety and lower fuel efficiency through poor driving behavior. Driver Scorecard pulls together metrics gathered from GPS Tracking US GPS vehicle tracker units and integrated hardware installed in each vehicle to display behavior such as speeding, excessive idling, harsh braking, high engine RPMs and other poor driving habits that they define.

The Driver Scorecard helps by monitoring driver behavior across your fleet and will help achieve major safety and cost reduction benefits. The metrics are in two categories event count and duration and the scorecard is based on a 100% score, and you are able to change the weight of the 5 performance categories. This will allow a fair score across all your drivers for distance and duration. Each point a driver loses is then deducted from the daily 100 point allocation and averaged across total distance driven to produce that driver’s scorecard for each day.

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