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The integration of video fleet telematics, a powerful blend of GPS tracking, video cameras, and data analysis, has brought about a transformative impact on fleet management in Canada. However, along with revolutionary technology comes a set of myths surrounding this solution. This post aims to debunk these misconceptions and shed light on the real advantages of video fleet telematics.

Common Myths:

Myth: Video fleet telematics is too expensive.

Truth: While there is an initial investment for installing the required hardware and software, the long-term benefits far outweigh the costs. Significant cost savings arise from reduced insurance premiums, enhanced safety, decreased maintenance expenses, and improved operational efficiency. This investment becomes particularly crucial for avoiding hefty payouts resulting from nuclear verdicts, which have led some companies to shut down.

Myth: Cameras are used to get the driver in trouble.

Truth: Despite concerns about privacy invasion, the purpose of installing cameras in vehicles is to enhance safety and protect both the driver and the company from false claims. Instances like “brake checking” accidents can be clarified with video evidence, exonerating the driver.

Myth: Fleet management software is difficult to use.

Truth: Modern video fleet telematics solutions are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. They feature dashboards and alerts that simplify monitoring and data analysis. Complimentary training is often provided to ensure a smoother learning curve, as exemplified by GPS Tracking Canada.

Myth: Cameras are only useful for large companies.

Truth: While video telematics is particularly advantageous for large fleets, smaller companies can also benefit significantly. Firstly, a large insurance claim can bankrupt smaller businesses. Having additional control over their costs allows them to allocate more resources to business growth.

Myth: All cameras are the same; why not just get the cheapest model?

Truth: Different companies have unique needs and priorities, necessitating customized solutions. Video fleet telematics can be tailored to track specific metrics, provide relevant alerts, and generate reports according to individual company requirements. GPS Tracking America’s setup process involves fine-tuning the solution to meet these specific needs, ensuring optimal savings.

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