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The Geotab Drive app stands out as a versatile and user-friendly tool for drivers to complete their Asset Inspection. Its application extends beyond heavy-duty vehicles, with clients utilizing inspection reports to monitor maintenance and overall vehicle condition.

Benefits of using Geotab Drive for daily asset inspections include:

  1. Paperless Inspection Reports:

    • The Geotab Drive app facilitates a seamless transition to paperless inspection records. This feature ensures a searchable history of vehicle inspections, allowing swift report sharing via email. This eliminates the need for drivers to carry physical logs, reducing the risk of missing records and enhancing user convenience.
  2. Efficient Defect Reporting:

    • Geotab Drive’s Asset Inspection enables drivers to perform daily inspections effortlessly from their smartphones or tablets. By eliminating the need for physical forms, the reporting process becomes faster. Drivers can submit inspections with a simple push of a button, streamlining the reporting process without concerns about reaching the intended recipient.
  3. Prompt Action on Defects:

    • Asset Inspection Reports stored in the MyGeotab database enable quick alerts for vehicle defects. This allows proactive measures, such as preparing mechanics with necessary parts before vehicle arrivals. Customizable alerts can be directed to mechanics directly, ensuring immediate awareness of required repairs.
  4. Driver Identification:

    • The Geotab Drive app mandates driver assignment to vehicles, providing clear visibility in the MyGeotab database. This accountability ensures accurate tracking of drivers and enables tracing defects back to specific individuals.

The Geotab Drive app, coupled with a GPS Tracking system, offers substantial savings and advantages. At GPS Tracking Canada, we cater to fleets of various sizes and types. Whether clients utilize the system for specific features like DVIR, the resulting savings often cover the GPS tracking system’s cost. Our expertise lies in guiding clients to maximize the benefits of GPS Tracking.

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