Geotab Superior Fleet Management: Sale of 150,000 GO7 Trackers

Geotab Superior Fleet Management: Selling 150,000 GO7 Tracking Devices New Sales and Reliability Figures Show Fortune 500 Companies Choosing Geotab to Maximize Productivity and Minimize Downtime Geotab Superior Fleet Management: Toronto, Ontario – September 28, 2015 – Geotab, a leading global provider of premium-quality, end-to-end telematics technology, today announced that between […] Read more »

‘True’ Live Location Tracking with Geotab’s New Active Tracking

‘True’ Live Location Tracking with Geotab’s New Active Tracking

‘True’ Live Location Tracking with Geotab’s New Active Tracking Provides the Industry’s Most Frequent Location Updates, Enabling Dispatchers to Immediately Identify and Resolve Problems Such as Delays, Thefts and Speeding Toronto, Ontario —  September 10, 2015 — For first responders, taxi companies and other fleet owners, the ability to know […] Read more »

The “Why” and “How” to Improving Your Fuel Economy

    Improving Fuel Economy: The “Why” and “How” to Improving Fuel Economy and reducing fuel costs is not a new topic, yet many are looking to discover the secret formula to effectively improve their fuel economy. Whether you own one vehicle or an entire fleet, extracting savings from fuel […] Read more »

Distracted Driving is is risky for business

Distracted Driving is is risky for business Distracted Driving: The practice of driving a motor vehicle while engaged in another activity, typically one that involves the use of a cellular phone or other electronic device. “AAA now says that distracted driving accounts for 25 to 50 percent of all accidents”Research […] Read more »

Trucking Company Prevents Cargo Theft GPS Fleet Tracking

Trucking Company Prevents Cargo Theft

Trucking Company Prevents Cargo Theft GPS Fleet Tracking The theft of cargo and trucks has advanced in recent years cargo thieves are now even dressing up as delivery drivers to drive away with your property. They will now need to think twice as they are now being tracked by GPS […] Read more »

Saving Money with GPS Fleet Tracking

For small businesses and start up companies high costs can make it difficult since it takes time for business to grow. Profitability comes with growth and increasing revenue but businesses can also look to increase profits by reducing costs. Fleets that rely on delivering products or services to its customers […] Read more »

Transportation Industries Benefits From GPS Fleet Tracking

The transportation industry benefits from almost every feature GPS fleet tracking has to offer, this does not mean that any other industry cannot benefit from GPS fleet tracking. To take advantage of these benefits you do not need to be a large multinational corporation, even a small business can benefit […] Read more »

Improving Driver Safety and Reducing Costs With GPS Vehicle Tracking

Two of the top concerns of fleet managers are improving driver safety and reducing costs. GPS vehicle tracking provides fleet monitoring tools that can record both metrics to help improve your fleet. GPS Tracking USA is an authorized Geotab distributor and with My Geotab you can achieve both with their […] Read more »

Vehicle Tracking For Commercial Fleets

Many companies looking for additional data about their fleet of vehicles and trying to determine their locations turn to vehicle tracking. Vehicle tracking devices rely on either GLONMASS or GPS technology to locate their vehicles. Vehicle tracking systems are most common utilized by fleet operators for routing, dispatching, tracking, onboard […] Read more »