General Benefits of GPS Tracking Systems

GPS Tracking USA sells GPS tracking systems, here are some common benefits of GPS Tracking Systems. Route management – Use of this technology allows in managing the routes of the drivers and assists them by timely updating about the location of the vehicle. This in turn increases driver accountability and […] Read more »

Vehicle Tracking Six Benefits

What are the benefits that companies are gaining from adopting a vehicle tracking system? Here are six of the most common reasons: Improved business operational efficiency: By having detailed information on the whereabouts of all employees, business owners are far more in touch with their business operations. with the opportunity […] Read more »

The Truth When It Comes To Idling

The Truth When It Comes To Idling Idling brings in many secret expenses. When looking at your revenue and you have idling in your fleet the truth is that vehicles that idle will generate serious revenue loss.  The American Trucking Association states that: 1. A vehicle left idling can consume […] Read more »

Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking System

What type of companies can benefit from GPS tracking systems? Electrical and plumbing businesses are rapidly implementing tracking solutions but those are not the only companies that can benefit from vehicle tracking systems. Limousine and taxi drivers can use vehicle tracking software to increase efficiency and haulers can use the […] Read more »

GPS Tracking Increases Your Satisfied Customers

Shortly after implementing a GPS Fleet tracking system in their business owners immediately feel the financial benefits. Fleet owners will see almost immediately increased productivity, fuel efficiency, and safety. An additional benefit is improved customer satisfaction and company reputation. A local hvac company noticed an increase in customer satisfaction once […] Read more »

GPS Tracking Driver Safety and Efficiency

The process of checking in when drivers are switching shifts and finding out who is in which vehicle can negatively impact on productivity and fleet efficiency. To simplify this process there is a simple tool available using GPS fleet tracking with driver id NFC keys. The GPS fleet tracking solution […] Read more »

Asset Tracking

In the plumbing, heating and cooling industry, companies own and manage a number of expensive assets, vehicles and equipment. If an asset goes missing, the cost of replacing it is a major concern. In addition, your company could potentially lose revenue due to decreased productivity. With a GPS fleet management […] Read more »

How GPS Tracking Is Good For Your Employees

It’s not uncommon for company fleet managers and business owners to be hesitant in implementing a GPS Fleet Tracking Solution, for fear of employees thinking that “Big Brother is watching them”. Some employees may occasionally voice concerns about their privacy when their employer implements a vehicle tracking solution, however business owners […] Read more »

GPS Tracking Device As A Security Tool

In 2010, according to national crime statistics, there were 13,374 theft reports for heavy equipment with an estimated value of $400 million. Only 19% of that equipment was recovered, leaving contractors to foot the bill for rentals and eventual equipment replacement, project-delay penalties, wasted workforce and management time, and potentially […] Read more »