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Monitoring Temperatures of Reefer Trucks with GPS Tracking

Large fleets are being changed by using high tech devices such as GPS tracking units and electronic on-board recorders.

EOBRs can transmit important vehicle information in real time such as:

  1. The temperature in the truck’s refrigeration compartment
  2. Truck equipment problems and other sensory diagnostics
  3. Driving habits (driving hours, fuel efficiency factors, location, hard braking, activation of roll stability controls.)

Food spoilage is a major concern when shipping perishable items. If a company knows there is an issue with the refrigeration equipment the truck can be rerouted to have immediate maintenance.

Using GPS fleet tracking alongside of monitoring the temperature inside the truck allows drivers to plan the most efficient routes while improving fuel efficiency.  There are also other benefits to fleet tracking.

How GPS Data is Making a Big Difference to Trucking

One of the greatest and immediate benefits of using EOBRs  is improving fleet safety by reducing driver fatigue. The other benefits are helping to save money through efficiencies and better control over the goods being transported.

It is estimated that 3 million truck drivers still use paper logs to track their hours and equipment maintenance. When you have potentially tired humans updating logs, there is great room for error.

In the USA, “The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will soon require all carriers to install some type of electronic on-board monitoring device in their vehicles to track vehicle status and how many hours a driver has been on the road”.

There’s a good chance that in the near future, fleet companies will be required to install GPS fleet tracking technology.

Geotab’s Fleet Tracking & Truck Temperature Monitoring

GPS fleet tracking is sure to see your company significant savings. As an official reseller of the Geotab GPS system, we at GPS Tracking USA stand behind this product for its incredible ease of installation and multitude of uses and benefits.

The Geotab tracking devices can also be coupled with temperature sensors in refrigeration trucks to communicate all this sensory data back to the fleet management software, allowing management to know the status of all goods in real time.

If you are interested in a GPS tracking solution with the ability for temperature monitoring, the Geotab system continues to exceed expectations time and again. And with our customer service and great plans (no long term or fixed contracts), we can make GPS fleet tracking an asset to your company.

Larger companies may have the capital to outfit their vehicles with GPS systems. But GPS systems can benefit both small and large businesses and in the long run (or even short run!) prove to be a wise investment.

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