The “Why” and “How” to Improving Your Fuel Economy

    Improving Fuel Economy: The “Why” and “How” to Improving Fuel Economy and reducing fuel costs is not a new topic, yet many are looking to discover the secret formula to effectively improve their fuel economy. Whether you own one vehicle or an entire fleet, extracting savings from fuel […] Read more »

Distracted Driving is is risky for business

Distracted Driving is is risky for business Distracted Driving: The practice of driving a motor vehicle while engaged in another activity, typically one that involves the use of a cellular phone or other electronic device. “AAA now says that distracted driving accounts for 25 to 50 percent of all accidents”Research […] Read more »

GPS Tracking Safety, Immobilization and Driver Identification

GPS Tracking Safety, Immobilization and Driver Identification Safety is incredibly important at Geotab, whether in relation to drivers themselves or maintaining the safety and integrity of customer data. All Geotab products and services – both old and new – are constantly held to this paradigm. The following article discusses engine […] Read more »

GPS Tracking Driver Safety and Efficiency

The process of checking in when drivers are switching shifts and finding out who is in which vehicle can negatively impact on productivity and fleet efficiency. To simplify this process there is a simple tool available using GPS fleet tracking with driver id NFC keys. The GPS fleet tracking solution […] Read more »

Monitoring Temperatures of Reefer Trucks with GPS Tracking

Monitoring Temperatures of Reefer Trucks with GPS Tracking Large fleets are being changed by using high tech devices such as GPS tracking units and electronic on-board recorders. EOBRs can transmit important vehicle information in real time such as: The temperature in the truck’s refrigeration compartment Truck equipment problems and other […] Read more »

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Transportation Company Needs GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking, Fleet Tracking Solution

The transportation industry by nature benefits from the perks and advantages that GPS tracking provides; namely, GPS tracking. If your business isn’t using GPS-based tracking, you very well may be missing out on quite a bit of leverage that your competitors very well may be benefiting from. It goes without […] Read more »

Home Delivery Drones Equipped with GPS Tracking Technology

GPS Tracking, Amazon Prime Air, Home Delivery

Amazon reveals their secretive testing of GPS-equipped delivery drones. Home delivery may be changing in the near future, as the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has admitted to their Prime Air project. While there have been some suspicions regarding this project, nobody knew for sure what it was about until […] Read more »

GPS Tracking Device Used to Help with Future Oil Spills

GPS Tracking Device, GPS Tracking, GPS used to help with oil spills

which involved 4.9 million barrels of oil being poured into the Gulf of Mexico. The spill occurred during a period of three months and caused devastation to local beaches, ecosystems, and wildlife. And this is what researchers want to try to avoid. As reported by Medill Reports, models are being […] Read more »