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Implementing a fleet tracking system has its own benefits but there is an extra benefit that will help to improve the safety of your fleet at no additional cost. Using your fleet tracking solution you can measure your drivers performance and create incentives for your top drivers. Using data either on daily, weekly or monthly reports will help to rank your team automatically on what is most important such as safety, productivity, and reducing fuel cost.

Using our customized driver scorecard report you can view your drivers on important items such as speeding, idling, harsh braking, hard cornering, and fast acceleration. From one convenient fleet tracking report, access the information you need about your fleet’s performance and also obtain a great visual representation of the data to share with your team. Choose a group of vehicles within the fleet and set the criteria for idle time.
Create competitions for your fleet based on the results to get them excited. Maybe the top 3 drivers who receive the best overall scorecards receive a bonus at the end of the quarter. Another idea would be to create a weekly incentive; something like the driver with the least scorecard violations over the past week gets a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Brainstorm ideas with your team on what incentives they care about to get the best results.

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