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When it comes to fleet management, you need to use all the tools at your disposal to ensure that you can monitor, track, avoid theft, and recover your vehicles in the event of a theft. GPS tracking systems give you these four capabilities and more when you install them in your commercial fleet vehicles and heavy duty machinery that are put to work in the field.

Number One – Find and Recover Your Vehicle

GPS tracking systems that are installed in commercial vehicles can track the location of your vehicle when it’s on the job or if it is stolen.

Knowing the exact location of your commercial vehicle allows you to provide the GPS coordinates to the local authorities who will be able to recover and reduce your losses due to the theft.

Number Two – Remote disable capabilities

Having a GPS tracking system installed in your commercial fleet vehicle allows you to disable the starter should it be required.

The remote disable capability can shut off the vehicle ignition and will not allow the vehicle to be driven by any else stopping theft.

Number Three – Zone alerts

You cannot always be onsite to track your commercial fleet or machinery but with zone alerts you can be virtually present and receive an alert automatically if your vehicle or machinery moves from a specified location.

When you use the zone feature on your GPS fleet tracking system you can create a virtual electronic fence that tracks and sends you an alert if they move out of the zone.

Number Four – Provide ETA’S on when your driver will arrive.

The fourth benefit that GPS tracking systems provide is being able to find the location of the vehicle and update the customer as to exactly when the vehicle should arrive. Providing real time answers to customers give that extra level of customer service to your business.

These four GPS tracking system features help you with your fleet management and help prevent theft when they are in the field.

At GPS Tracking Canada, we offer commercial fleet management solutions tailored to each businesses unique needs and budget. You can purchase your GPS tracking devices and plans in our online store or you can contact one of sales representatives at 1-877-477-0987.

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