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Five Top Tips For Effective Fleet Management

Tips on how to cut costs and save money

Provided by GPS Tracking America

Fleet management is no straight forward task, yet there are a few small changes fleet operators can make that can return some big results. See the below top tips for running a more effective fleet management system, compiled by our team of fleet experts and see if you can make a change for the better today.

  1. Keep your data organized: It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of data you get from your fleet operation. From scheduling services and ensuring drivers are on task, if the data is not easy to access and analyze it won’t really benefit you.
  2. Select the right tools: It sounds simple but the continued allocation of inappropriate vehicles can quickly create unnecessary costs. It wouldn’t make sense to sent a large eighteen wheeler truck when a van or sedan would be sufficient.
  3. Know what you’re spending: Operating a cost effective fleet means keeping on top of your how much your overhead costs are and identifying areas of unnecessary spending in order to save on expenses. This can be difficult if you’re not using fleet management software to monitor your expenditures.
  4. Be thorough: From duty of care to vehicle inspections, having a fleet management system in place  is important in order to provide alerts and give you the data you need in order for effective fleet management.
  5. Keep tabs on your carbon footprint: Being green isn’t just about saving the planet, it’s about cutting costs and increasing your appeal to customer and partner organizations too. Monitoring CO2 emissions and fuel consumption doesn’t need to be a difficult task if you implement a fleet management system to keep organized and give accurate reports.

GPS Tracking America can make fleet management simple. Our fleet management systems by Geotab provide important data that can help you not only cut costs but also have a more effective fleet management system in place. You can purchase your GPS tracking device at our online shop or you can speak directly with one of our sales representatives toll free at 1-877-477-0987.

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