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Prevent Vehicle Theft with GPS Tracking

Vehicle theft leads to higher insurances, and replacement costs for your fleet. False claims put you at risks for paying for incidents, or accidents that your driver was not at fault. GPS Tracking USA offers fleet GPS tracking solutions that offers real time 24 hours a day 7 days a week remote GPS vehicle tracking to protect your fleet.

Being able to track your vehicle around the clock may not prevent your vehicles from being stolen, however with unauthorized after hours alerts that can be sent to an email or as a SMS text. You will be alerted when the vehicles start to move. It can also help to retrieve stolen vehicles by enabling you to provide a police department with a van or truck’s precise location the moment you realize it’s been stolen.

Using Geo-Fencing you can help to prevent vehicle theft by knowing where your vehicles are and how they are being used both on and off duty. GPS Tracking US fleet GPS tracking solution can help you do this.

GPS Tracking USA also has tethered and untethered tracking solutions to protect your assets in the field whether they are fixed or moveable assets. Using Geo-Fencing you can be alerted when they leave an area. Once the device detects movement the asset tracking device will awake from sleep within 2 seconds, and will start sending GPS data within 2 minutes.

Let’s get started protecting your vehicles in your fleet and your assets in the field.

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