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What is driver management software?

Driver management software assigns a unique ID to each individual driver for the most effective fleet management. Using RFID technology, each driver has a unique ID that allows you to easily identify who is driving which vehicle at what time. Driver management software helps drivers be their best every day, in safety, efficiency, and productivity.

What are the benefits of having unique driver IDs?

With each driver having a unique ID, it doesn’t matter how many vehicles your drivers operate, you will always be able to get accurate data tailored to each driver. With access to driving data specific to each driver, you can determine if any specific driver is participating in unsafe driving behaviour and you can take further action to rectify the situation. This will help with the protection of your employees as well as your fleet equipment.

With effective driver management, you’ll be able to see the start and stop times of your drivers which will allow you to know the locations your drivers visited and how long they were at each location. This can help provide information on unauthorized use of company vehicles and excessive idling, which can increase your costs unnecessarily. Ensuring that your drivers are obeying the rules of the road can also help to prevent accidents, tickets, and increased insurance rates. Driver safety should be a priority and GPS tracking systems along with driver management software is a great for effective fleet management.


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