In Benefits of GPS Tracking

The safety of your drivers and fleet are incredibly important but it can be difficult to determine if drivers are obeying companies policies. GPS fleet tracking provides management with accurate driver based reporting regardless of how many drivers or shifts operate a particular vehicle. Not only can GPS vehicle tracking ensure the safety of your fleet and drivers, but it can help save on costs as well.

Seatbelt Usage

GPS tracking devices have a driver and passenger seatbelt detection feature, which reminds drivers and passengers to use their seatbelt and tracks whether or not they do. Increased seatbelt usage will prevent injuries to both drivers and passengers and maintains compliance with company policies and the law.

Driving Accidents

There are a few ways that having GPS fleet tracking software can help prevent driving accidents. Driving in reverse for large vehicles can be difficult due the size of the vehicle so the GPS software can recognize driving in reverse and can warn the driver to be extra cautious. You can also compare the posted vs actual speed for individual drivers which can identify potentially dangerous driving behaviour. GPS fleet tracking software can even send a notification once an accident has taken place and can provide accurate data to determine how the accident occurred.

Driver Education

Advanced GPS fleet tracking solutions provide online driver education courses that employees can participate in, demonstrating safe driving behaviors and knowledge of company policies.


When considering a GPS fleet tracking solution, consider an option that provides detailed information regarding fleet driver safety and behaviors such as hard braking, quick acceleration, sharp cornering and excessive speeding. Using GPS fleet tracking technology you will receive detailed driver safety reports, showing a graphic ranking of the best and worst drivers in the fleet. Using the report will allow you to identify risky behaviors and take proactive actions to teach drivers to be safer behind the wheel. By eliminating dangerous driving behavior from your fleet, you can cut down on fuel costs, vehicle wear-and-tear, insurance, and potential collision expenses, all while protecting the safety of your fleet and employees.

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