In News, Benefits of GPS Tracking

When it comes to improving driver safety, some fleets put off implementing a fleet tracking solution because they don’t want to have to develop specific policies that they will then have to subsequently manage. Ask yourself, what is riskier? Not knowing if a fleet has drivers who could benefit from driver safety training, or knowing that there are drivers who require training and therefore implementing training to maintain a safe fleet?

Simply put, the cost of not knowing far outweighs the cost of measuring and managing safety using affordable fleet tracking solutions. One Geotab client bought a fleet GPS tracking system to reduce the risk of self-insured vehicle damage, and their personal injury claims resulted in 7x payback every year since implementing the system. If that’s not incentive enough, the courts are awarding increasingly large punitive settlements against companies that do not apply what is deemed to be generally available and accessible technology.

Not having this equipment installed costs companies much more than the cost of the GPS tracking system because the ROI is clear. Similarly, not applying practical and beneficial tools to monitor and enforce safe driving can be detrimental to your business. It is better to have the data provided by fleet tracking systems in order to understand, develop policy, and reinforce policies than it is to not acknowledge there is a risk in the first place.With a large ROI by managing safety, it is surprising that not every fleet has a fleet tracking system.

At GPS Tracking America, our goal is to offer fleet tracking solutions to businesses of all sizes and budgets to ensure the safety of fleet drivers and for effective fleet management. You can visit our online store to purchase your GPS tracking devices and monthly plans directly, or you can contact one of our sales representatives toll free at 1-877-477-0987.

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