In Benefits of GPS Tracking

The transportation industry benefits from almost every feature that Geotab’s GPS fleet tracking software has to offer. To take advantage of these benefits you do not need to be a large multinational corporation, even a small to medium sized businesses can benefit from commercial fleet services.

Here are some of the benefits you expect to take advantage of when you use commercial fleet solutions for your transportation business:

  • Stay competitive – Compete with the market compeition by implementing commercial fleet tracking systems. You will be able to provide better service and the money you will save with GPS tracking will help you keep costs low.
  • Optimize resources – Commercial fleet solutions enables you to monitor daily use of your vehicles in real time and with useful tools such as analytics and reports.
  • Maximize labor – Increase employee productivity and efficiency by eliminating downtime and overtime, preventing dispatch inaccuracies, reducing tardiness, as well as idling
  • Locate assets – Locate lost or stolen vehicles with exact location and real-time alters made possible by implenting a commercial fleet solution for your business.
  • Improve safety – Enhance safety and security for employees by providing assistance and support, monitoring vehicle activity, and implementing easy communication between drivers and dispatchers.
  • Keep clients happy – Real-time vehicle tracking allows you to offer great customer service.
  • Route optimization – Route optimization and more predictable schedules allows you to stay competitive and reduce overhead and labor costs.
  • Be more predictable – Provide customers with accurate delivery times and benefit from better vehicle and employee utilization at the same time.
  • Save on operating costs – Reduce unnecessary overhead costs by eliminating excess fuel consumption from idling, billing discrepancies, unnecessary overtime, and unauthorized usage of company vehicles.
  • Optimize financial management – Accurate GPS data allows you to create more useful financial statmenets, improves accountability, and enables better budget preparation.
  • Ease of use – User-friendly interfaces enable easy access to data from any cdevice.
  • Manage maintenance – Create alerts based on time, mileage, or engine hours to develop advanced vehicle maintenance routines.


At GPS Tracking America, we offer commercial fleet solutions to businesses in all industries and of all sizes, including the transportation industry. If you’d like to speak to one of our sales representatives about how GPS fleet tracking can help your business, you can contact us toll free at 1-877-477-0987. You can also visit our online store directly to purchase your GPS tracking devices and plans.


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