In Benefits of GPS Tracking

In the plumbing, heating and cooling industry, companies own and manage a number of expensive assets, vehicles and equipment. If an asset goes missing, the cost of replacing it is a major concern. In addition, your company could potentially lose revenue due to decreased productivity. With a GPS fleet management solution that incorporates asset tracking software, you can monitor, track and recover assets quickly using the information provided by the solution, returning your fleet operations to normal as soon as possible.

Estes utilized its GPS fleet tracking solution when $30,000 worth of equipment was stolen from the company. By using the company’s solution, the company recovered the equipment because it was able to track the vehicle to its exact location.

In addition, a GPS fleet tracking solution can ensure that the company’s vehicles are being used appropriately if the technicians take them home. Pipe Works Services, a full-service plumbing, cooling and service company, eliminated unauthorized vehicle use with a GPS fleet management solution.

When considering a GPS fleet tracking solution, companies should consider a comprehensive solution that includes integrated fuel cards and an alert functionality. An alert feature can notify a fleet manager if a vehicle is moving after hours or on the weekends. Advanced GPS fleet tracking solutions also allow companies to place geofences around specific areas to monitor vehicles. Pipe Works Services was able to increase fleet productivity by 35 percent while also reducing fuel costs by 20 percent by utilizing the alerts and geofencing features of the company’s GPS fleet tracking solution.

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