geotab accident detection

The Geotab accident detection and reconstruction feature uses the accelerometer in the Geotab GO device to pin exactly where the accident occurred and how it happened. Geotab’s collection of very granular second by second vehicle and telematics data, provides very accurate accident reconstruction information, which has helped many of our clients in  legal matters and it is one of many key differentiators, which sets it apart from the competition.

Understanding the events that occurred before, during, and after a collision:

Possible Accident Alert:

Geotab has a rule in the system called Possible Accident. This rule is triggered if the accelerometer detects a change in speed of the G-forces in the forward/braking ,side-to-side or up-down direction. If possible, the device will send detailed forensic information about position, speed,and acceleration of the vehicle. This can be email or texted to you as soon as the system detects an accident. The alert will also show up in the tracking map, which will allow you to send help if required to the drivers location.

    1. Summary overview, general description of accident reconstruction


    2. Detailed overview, general description of accident reconstruction


    3. The Accident Reconstruction Add-In can be found here


    4. Here is a sample accident reconstruction report you can download and view: Accident reconstruction report

Dash and in Cab camera system for accidents:

While Geotab can get you information on WHAT happened, combining a camera system will allow you to know HOW it happened.

With Geotab’s open platform, you can find many different camera systems that will integrate with Geotab and will automatically provide you video clips from before and after an possible accident rule has been triggered. This information can be very important for insurance purposes, as well as monitoring driver behaviour i.e texting and driving.

geotab accident reconstruction

Here are a few examples video clips recorded from dash cams before accidents:

Geotab has partnered with various camera providers that are integrated into the system. Please let us know if you are interested in the camera system and we can find the best solution for you.

The Pro and Pro+ plans include accident detection, notification and reconstruction with dash camera support.

While at the web page of the document above, if you search on the web page (control + “F”), you will find the instances where accident is mentioned for the Pro plan, ie.

  • Accident data memory buffer records over 100 minutes of second-by-second data — auto detection and upload of last 1.2 minutes on accident
  • Built-In Rules-Based Exceptions – Accident alert
  • Accident reconstruction report