Driver ID on Geotab


There are many ways to track which drivers are using which vehicle by using Driver ID on Geotab.

The Driver ID feature, is a feature which allows Driver Identification for drivers that switch between vehicles or vehicles that have multiple drivers, to show the live usage of who is driving the vehicle at the present time and to show the history of the trip, according to the driver who created the trip history.

There are 2 ways you can use the Driver ID system to make sure right driver is driving the right vehicle in Geotab:

  1. In cab beeping (only NFC reader and tags required) : Audible alerts that can be enabled on the system, where the Geotab tracking unit will start beeping if the driver does not register his key fobs. This does not require any addition hardware other that the NFC reader and key fob.
  2. Starter enable/disable (requires immobilization kit in addition to NFC reader and tag): This will prevent the vehicle from being started, until the correct key fob is used to verify that the right driver is in the vehicle. This method require professional installation. The started enable/disable feature of the driver ID system is not a theft deterrent. If the reader is unplugged from the Geotab GO device, the driver ID feature wont work including the starter enable/disable feature. There is also the ability to manually disable the relay that controls the starter directly through the Geotab platform for emergencies.

Required to purchase:

  •     Driver ID Tag NFC Reader (Near Field Communication), doesn’t include any key fobs
  •     Driver ID Tags (key fobs)

Not Required to purchase (optional):

  •     Vehicle Immobilization Kit
  •     External buzzer (if not purchased, then system will use buzzer built-in GO6 or higher tracker)