Driver Behavior Can Cost You Money

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Driver Behavior Can Cost You Money

In a perfect fleet the drivers would always avoid harsh breaking, excessive idling and observe posted speed limits. But we know that doesn’t always happen, and puts safety on the line and wastes fuel.

Driving 10 mph over the limit can increase your fuel bills up to 15% according to the EPA. Reducing speeds on roads with speeds limits over 55mph can save an average of $21,000 to $80,00 per truck in fuel bills. This does not include savings on accident avoidance or vehicle maintenance.
Companies that use fleet tracking technology to optimize their fleet operations can solve the problem by using the same system to monitor driver behavior. Reports based on metrics gathered by the system’s GPS tracking units and in some cases connected sensors can identify habitual speeders and idlers, zero in other bad habits like harsh braking and high RPMs, compare individual drivers against fleet averages, and more.

Armed with proof, you can take action to cure offenders of their errant ways using both the carrot (training) and the stick (penalties) when necessary. It may be tough to teach an old driver new tricks, but the first step is knowing who has a lead foot or a tendency to leave a truck idling during a sales call. If you have a fleet tracking system, that information can be just a few clicks away.


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