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Aggressive driving is very unproductive and unsafe and one of the main benefits of fleet tracking is promoting safer driving habits.

Here are some of the ways that fleet tracking can promote safer driving habits in your fleet:

  • An accident or traffic violation can result in higher insurance rates.
  • It increases the likeliness of having an accident – causing unnecessary expenses and injury.
  • It creates a bad image of your brand when other drivers see this behavior.
  • Aggressive driving results in more wear and tear on the vehicle (hard accelerations, harsh breaking or turns, etc).
  • Fuel consumption is higher with more aggressive driving.
  • It could result in injury or damage to others or their property, possibly giving rise to lawsuits.

As you can see, aggressive driving is only bad news. Luckily, GPS tracking provides a very effective solution to help prevent aggressive driving.


How Geotab’s GPS Fleet Tracking Curbs Aggressive Driving

  1. At your finger tips you will receiving instant alerts for bad driving habits such as speeding, harsh turns, or fast acceleration, as well as reports on the overall performance of your drivers. This will allow you to either give on the stop feedback or at a performance review later on. Using instant feedback is proven to improve your drivers. Geotab has reports such as looking at posted vs actual speeds to analyze driving behavior and determine if aggressive driving is occurring.
  2. Just the fact that the drivers know their driving is being monitored is often enough to change their behaviour. If drivers are aware that GPS fleet trackers can show if a seatbelt is being worn or not, if they are obeying the rules of the road by driving the speed limit, or if they are somewhere they are not supposed to be, they are more likely to perform their job according to company policies.


Benefits of a Safer Fleet

  • Better company image and reputation.
  • Drivers are more efficient in their routes and fuel consumption.
  • Less likelihood of accidents or traffic violations – and at least being of fault of such.
  • Improved lifespan of vehicles and less need for maintenance/repairs.
  • A safe driving record can eventually lead to improved insurance rates!


At GPS Tracking America, we offer Geotab’s GPS fleet tracking devices that benefit businesses of any size and budget. If you’d like to use GPS tracking for aggressive driving, you can visit our shop directly or speak to one of our sales representatives toll free at 1-877-477-0987.

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