In Benefits of GPS Tracking

In 2010, according to national crime statistics, there were 13,374 theft reports for heavy equipment with an estimated value of $400 million. Only 19% of that equipment was recovered, leaving contractors to foot the bill for rentals and eventual equipment replacement, project-delay penalties, wasted workforce and management time, and potentially higher insurance premiums.

While standard protective measures ranging from removing keys to marking machinery so that it can be traced back to you can be useful, one of the newest and most effective strategies involves placing GPS tracking devices on each piece of equipment. Using a GPS tracking device for security can help fleet managers see where their equipment is at any given time or set specific parameters to serve as an alarm if something is changed. With GPS tracking, you will never have to worry about where your equipment is and it will be easy to locate if it were to ever be stolen.

As more managers discover the capability to use their fleet management system as a security tool, hopefully heavy equipment theft will decrease. In addition to live GPS tracking, Geotab’s software also includes alerts so you can be identified immediately if your equipment is moved from its location. Using GPS tracking for security will give you peace of mind that your equipment is protected should it be stolen or misplaced.

Geotab is known as a world leader in the development of small form factor GPS tracking devices like this one that simply connect to vehicles. Whether they’re diesel, hybrid, heavy-duty trucks or personal, but it’s our engineering behind the technology software and connections to the engine and the GPS tracking devices themselves that make the Geotab difference.

GPS Tracking America provides Geotab GPS fleet tracking devices to businesses of all sizes and budgets. If you want to start using GPS tracking for security purposes, you can visit our shop or call 1-877-477-0987 to speak directly to one of our sales representatives.

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