In Benefits of GPS Tracking

It’s not uncommon for company fleet managers and business owners to be hesitant in implementing a GPS fleet tracking solution, for fear of employees voicing concerns about their privacy. However, business owners have a right and duty to know what is happening in their business, how their vehicles are being treated, and how their employees are spending the work day.Employee perceptions are influenced greatly by how a GPS vehicle tracking is presented internally. As such, any staff objections can be overcome if management explains the benefits of implementing GPS fleet tracking for both the company and the employee. There are many GPS tracking employee benefits which will provide your company with a significant ROI, as any decrease in your fleet’s operating costs will result in more profitability. Everyone benefits from an improved bottom line, which in turn improves job security.

  • Employees with “nothing to hide” should not object to tracking of the company owned vehicles which they drive. As for those with something to hide, do you really want them driving your vehicles?
  • If an employee receives a speeding ticket unfairly, GPS tracking evidence could help to exonerate a driver from a ticket.
  • Because GPS tracking shows how long someone was on-site, it can be useful in resolving any customer complaints about whether someone showed up on time and the duration of the job.
  • Real time tracking allows fleet managers to dispatch the nearest vehicle to a job immediately rather than ringing around and asking drivers where they are. Since Geotab provides live tracking data, drivers do not need to call management to let them know where they are and therefore don’t need to be on their vehicles. This will ensure greater safety for both the fleet and employees while they are driving.
  • Speeding isn’t good for anyone. At the very least it’s bad PR, especially if your vehicles are branded, and it is also dangerous. Eliminating speeding makes for safer roads and a safer work environment. Geotab provides reports that include being able to analyze the posted vs actual speeds to ensure that employees are obeying the rules of the road.

If employees know their behaviour is being monitored, they are more likely to obey traffic laws and be more productive. Many employees report an increase in their productivity levels and job satisfaction, particularly if they are paid by the job or by the hour and the increased efficiency allows them to fit more work in. There is greater motivation for employees to perform their job correctly and safely and it reduces the risk of accidents.

GPS Tracking America is the leader in providing Geotab GPS fleet tracking solutions for companies all across North America. If you’d like to implement GPS vehicle tracking for your business, you can visit our shop or speak directly with one of knowledgable sales representative by calling toll free at 1-877-477-0987.

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