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Fixing time card errors can be a mess to fix and keeping correct time card documentation. With fleet management your employees are in various mobile workspaces but you also have many departments and in some cases companies. Using GPS tracking systems you are able to see when and where your employees are. Making intentional and unintentional time card errors easy to fix with documentation available on hand. Once the engine is turned on you can keep tabs on your employees movements the same with how long the engine was off.

We hope that our employees will be honest about the hours they have worked you have a record of any overtime hours required. From time to time, overtime is needed to complete a job, or an employee may be approved to work overtime hours. You will have a record to see if your employees are just wasting time to get overtime hours. Using your GPS tracking system you will be able to keep track of when this happens and deal with the employee.

GPS Tracking USA is a Geotab authorized distributor and there are many features that come with our GO series of GPS Tracking Systems.

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