In Benefits of GPS Tracking

Route optimization …this is a hot topic in the GPS tracking industry. Route Optimization can mean many different things. It’s all about fleet management and getting more done with less resources. Knowing where your vehicles are is the first priority…you need a starting point if you want to send an optimized route to your driver. This point to point optimization gets your vehicle to your customer site faster while burning less fuel. This is basic route optimization and can be done on the Agile platform with just a few clicks. Or simply use a smart phone for directions.

The next step is route optimization for multiple stops. After all your stops are entered you can sort them or optimize them as required before you send the route to the driver. Some mapping sites like Mapquest have route optimization features that calculate the most efficient route. The challenge is typically these services to not take into consideration construction delays and traffic problems.

Garmin navigation devices that can be integrated to your GPS tracking platform can offer route optimization functions at the Garmin level… a world leader in GPS navigation devices. A series of stops can be sent to the Garmin Nuvi or Dezl via your tracking platform and in turn the Garmin can set out the most efficient route…like magic. There are other more costly software solutions that you can use for even a higher level of route optimization. Ask us and we will be happy to explain your options and look at what is just right for your business.


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