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Fleet Management Vin Decoder

Fleet management technology can have many uses including looking at trends and analyzing data to get a better idea of the on-road activities of fleet drivers.

The GPS tracking devices at Geotab identifies vehicles based on their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) with their VIN decoder feature. The VIN is a 17 digit code that is unique to each and every car, equivalent to a fingerprint. With access to a vehicle’s VIN, you can find important information such as when and where the vehicle was manufactured, whether there has been any recalls by the manufacturer, and can help in recovering vehicles in the case of theft.

Enabling VIN decoding can be advantageous for fleet managers in order to better optimize and manage their fleets. If Geotab’s GO device detects that a vehicle is reporting a valid VIN, it gets automatically saved. This can be checked on the “Vehicle Edit” page found within MyGeotab for any vehicle within your fleet. In addition, Geotab’s VIN decoder provides other vehicle specific details, depending on the make and model of the car, that gives a variety of data useful for fleet managers.

As a fleet manager, it’s important to be able to have an overview of the entire fleet and other equipment to ensure everything is running smoothly. Using Geotab’s custom reporting tools, it is easier than ever to keep an updated view of all of the vehicles in your fleet. You can access vehicle details such as the VIN and other information in the devices report of your My Geotab dashboard. You can even create a report based on the Device Report template and add formulas that use these columns to the report sheet.

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