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Reduce engine idling

Your fleet can save gallons of fuel burned per hour by reducing idle times with fleet idling alerts. GPS tracking systems measure engine idling by lack of movement as well as whether a machine’s ignition is on or off.

Automated reports are available to be sent to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These reports will contain all information on idling, they can show how long each vehicle per trip has idled. When a vehicle has excessive idling it could show that a vehicle is under utilized and that your fleet is being run inefficiently. Investigating the reasons behind high idling levels can help shape strategies for reducing idling-related vehicle under utilization as well as fuel waste and associated carbon emissions.

Advanced fuel management

A GPS tracking system will help to improve fuel consumption with features like idling reports, but the ability to measure actual fuel burn is a new feature of GPS tracking systems. Using fuel card reports you can see how much fuel has been used by the vehicle and match it with your fuel card reports to detect if fuel theft is present in your fleet.

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