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GPS Tracking USA’s uses competitive advantage as one of the benefits of having a GPS tracking system because our customers say it every day. Our customers say how they have won business because they use GPS tracking. There are a few key reasons why your potential customers would choose a company that uses GPS tracking over a company that doesn’t.

Protection Against False Claims

No one wants to be pay more for a job than what is required. With GPS tracking USA, you can provide reliable proof, including the time your employee arrived and left the job site. You can clear up the confusion with the click of a button. You can rest easy knowing you billed for the right amount and your customer will appreciate the accuracy and service.

Shorter Service Windows

We have all heard that old saying of we will have a tech to your house between the hours of 8am and 5pm. Nobody wishes to spend the entire day waiting at home for somebody to come and fix your problem. With GPS Tracking systems when your customer calls you can give them a real time update of where the technician is and how long till they arrive.

Emergency Call Dispatching

GPS Tracking US is a Authorized Geotab Distributor using Go Series GPS Tracking units and My Geotab’s user interface you can type in the address for the emergency call, and find out where the closet vehicle is. This will give you a benefit over the competitor as your information is in real time and if they do not have GPS tracking systems, they will have to call each of their drivers to find out their locations and when they could get to the emergency call.

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