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Farmers going High-Tech with GPS Trackers

In today’s uncertain economic environment, nearly every business is having to re-evaluate the way they do business. It looks like the farming industry is no exception. According to a recent Columbus Dispatch news article, farmers are turning to GPS trackers to help them farm more efficiently, and get more from every dollar they invest in equipment, seeds, and field treatments.  Here’s how farmers using GPS tracking every day have found it improves their business:

Reduce Waste:  GPS trackers are helping farmers reduce the “overlapping” in fields that sometimes occurs due to human error.  Reducing overlapping means that there’s much less waste of seeds, field treatments, and fuel over the course of a day’s work.  This is achieved through automated steering systems, which range in sophistication levels and price.

Better Results: Some farmers are using GPS technology to help them determine which parts of each of their fields are performing the best and the worst–the process is known as yield mapping. This lets them know which parts of the field need more of their effort to produce the desired results.

Less Fatigue:  Farmers using GPS tracking systems report less fatigue thanks to automated steering systems powered by GPS technology.This allows them to accomplish more with every work day.

With farmers feeling the economic crunch, and significant pressure to produce more with less, the trend of farmers using GPS Tracking is on the rise. According to the Columbus Dispatch article,  about 30 percent of the acres farmed in North America use GPS tracking technology.

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