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Why Every Towing Company Should Have a GPS Fleet Monitoring System Installed

Spending time on the road means that you need to be a safe and defensive driver. These days, most drivers don’t get behind the wheel without their GPS nearby, just in case. Now, Geotab is raising the bar with a GPS fleet monitoring system that does it all, and then some. Take control of all of your on-the-road business matters with a device that’s more inclusive than ever, and comes equipped with such features as:

(1) Driver Assistance: Alerts will sound when the driver’s actions can be improved (like if the driver is speeding), ensuring increased safety.

(2) Accident Detection: You can now receive notification as well as up-to-date information on any collisions on the road, and can even quickly call for help.

(3) Vehicle Tracking: It works with a variety of vehicle types, from electric cars and hybrids to highway trucks and vans.

(4) Vehicle Safety and Maintenance: The condition of your vehicle is kept in check, with the device monitoring elements like the odometer and seatbelt usage.

(5) Instant Signals: Regardless of where your car is – even if it’s underground – the device works immediately.

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When it comes to GPS tracking solutions, Geotab is where you want to go. We provide services such as:

    • Fleet management: How are your employees driving? How fast? Are they wearing their seat belts? How hard are they breaking?
    • Safety: Our devices can monitor the wear and tear on your vehicles, as well as promote safe driving habits in regards to speeding, braking, and more.
    • GPS: You’ll always be able to locate your drivers and communicate with them instantly. Give them updated travel routes and notify them of any changes in direction.
    • Scoring: Keep track of yours drivers’ performances to eliminate any potential setbacks.


  • Prevention of side jobs: With data reporting options including notification when your truck’s tow has been lowered, Geotab will keep your drivers focused on working for your company, not on side work they try to do on their own. This not only helps with saving you time and money, but also may prevent your company from exposure to liability should a driver engage in work not sanctioned by your company.

Are you interested in improving driver safety, staying in closer communication with your drivers, and reducing costs while encouraging growth?  For every problem you have, we have an immediate wireless solution.  Our products are easy to install and use, and we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our customers. Contact us today for more information!

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