In News, Benefits of GPS Tracking


It is anticipated that our drivers will go from one job site to another. At each site, we expect our drivers to complete the outlined task. We expect that they will do so efficiently and in a way that puts forward the best image of the company.

It is not always a certainty that drivers will be in the correct site at the appointed time. Several factors can prevent this. In the past, we had to rely on driver responsibility and good fortune.

Thanks to the invention of the fleet tracking system, this is no longer the case. With GPS fleet tracking, the manager or fleet owner always knows where each vehicle is located. Fleet tracking systems reassure owners that their assets are secure and that their drivers are where they are supposed to be. With GPS fleet tracking, fleet owners are assured of their company’s good reputation for punctuality and efficiency and reliability.

GPS tracking saves time and relieves stress. With a quick check on the computer you can locate each of your fleet vehicles. This saves time and money. Fleet managers don’t waste their time or driver time doing location checks. Driver routes and locations are immediately available.

There are several ways a GPS fleet tracking system can improve driver productivity.

Driver conduct: If a citizen or a customer lodges a complaint about the aggressive driving of one of your employees, you can use GPS fleet tracking to verify or negate the complaint.

Costly driver habits: If drivers are travelling at excessive speeds or braking too often, driver data from your GPS fleet tracking system will reveal this. Both of these habits cost fleet owners in extra fuel and maintenance costs. Bringing these facts to the driver’s attention will result in greater profits for the company.

Idling: Idling vehicles cost the company money in wasted fuel. Although your drivers are instructed to turn off vehicles while stopped for deliveries, lunch breaks, and other services, they do not always comply. Before GPS fleet tracking there was no way to check this. With fleet tracking the manager or owner of the fleet can access reports outlining vehicles left idling instances. The problem can then be addressed immediately.

Route Selection: GPS Fleet Tracking systems allow the manager or owner to determine the most efficient route for each truck each day. The system chooses the most direct route from site to site. By looking at the route map the fleet manager will be able to determine:

  • Did the driver follow the most efficient route?
  • Did the driver vary the route?
  • Did the driver make any unauthorized stops?
  • Did the driver take any side trips to conduct personal business? If so, landmark alerts can be set up. If the driver crosses the geofence alerts are received by the fleet manger.

Delivery Irregularities: If deliveries are late, incorrectly delivered, or missing, GPS fleet      tracking will reveal this so it can be corrected immediately.

If you have any questions about how GPS fleet tracking can save you money contact us today.

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