In Benefits of GPS Tracking

According to theBureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 1.25 million delivery drivers employed in the U.S. in 2012. That’s a lot of deliveries made and delivery vehicles on the road each and every day. One thing that a vast majority of these vehicles have in common is that GPS tracking technology could help them operate more efficiently. The benefits of GPS delivery tracking below are just the tip of the iceberg.

Real Time Delivery Notifications

Delivery alerts in real time offers a huge benefit that adds value to your company over other delivery companies when customers are making their choice. Companies want to know when their customers receive the goods. They want proof that the items they sent were delivered and where those items were delivered in case issues ever arise.

Monitor Delivery Employees

GPS monitoring of employees works. It’s as simple as that. In fact, it works on many fronts. First, it keeps the lead out of their feet. If they know you’re going to get a report every time they go above the posted speed limit, they’re going to keep their speeds on target. This means fewer speeding tickets and lower insurance rates.

It also keeps them on task and not making any unscheduled pit stops on their routes. You’ll know if your employees are taking excessive breaks or running personal errands on the company dime because you have the ability to track their whereabouts at all times. You may only do this when problems arise, but those problems are often greatly reduced simply because employees know you have the ability.

Keep Up With Vehicle Maintenance

Delivery drivers rely on operational vehicles. Breakdowns and replacement vehicles weigh heavily upon the company’s bottom line. You can keep your delivery trucks on the road longer by following routine maintenance requirements and using GPS fleet tracking to schedule maintenance when the time is right.

Scheduling Delivery Routes

For many delivery and distribution companies, delivery routes change dramatically from one day to the next. It’s rare that companies have the same delivery schedules every day. This means that the most optimal routes for deliveries will vary from widely from one day to the next. Using GPS tracking tools, you can easily schedule the most efficient routes for all your drivers so that all deliveries are made in a timely manner and for maximum fuel and workforce efficiency.

Track and Reduce Idling Time

Idling wastes more gas than the average consumer realizes. According toNatural Resources Canada, the average idling vehicles consumes over one cup of fuel per ten minutes of idling time. At today’s gas prices, that adds up fast. GPS tracking can help delivery and distribution drivers avoid traffic jams, find paths with fewer stops and starts, and maximize route efficiency and overall fuel savings.

The average delivery company has a lot to gain by incorporating GPS tracking into their daily operations. The sooner you take action the better your long-term savings will be.

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