In Benefits of GPS Tracking

GPS tracking helps a door hanging advertising company improve the success of advertising campaigns.

A flyer distribution and door hanging advertising company is now using global positioning systems (GPS) to improve their campaigns. Every time an advertisement delivery goes out, whether it is a hand-delivered flyer or door hanger piece, it is tracked with GPS technology. The technology uses a satellite tracking system,as opposed to cellular coverage, for better accuracy, faster results, and less bugs in the system.

The distributors delivering advertising are wearing a unique GPS tracking device that the owner of the advertising campaign can track through their Internet browser, seeing results about every 15 seconds. These results include an interactive map of their location and deliveries. It is one of the most reliable tracking methods for door hanging advertising. Aside from watching their advertisement’s location online, the clients can also get email alerts with the current status, including when their advertisements are created, when they are on route, and as they are being delivered around town.

Our GPS tracking system brings transparency, honesty, and integrity into the delivery process and helps our clients manage their own campaigns. They can actually see the progress of the distribution as it is being done and gauge the completion of delivery,” said Jed Knedson of DMS Advertising.

Door hanging advertising campaigns are an effective way to advertise a local business. Many businesses use  this type of service to not only distribute their flyers, but to have them designed, created, and printed.

They are designed in a way to capture the attention of the homeowner or business it is delivered to, with a new high-tech benefit: GPS tracking. By tracking in real time the hanging advertisements, business owners know exactly where the campaign is going and at what point in time the advertisements have been delivered.

By using GPS tracking, there are some significant benefits. With updated data every 15 seconds, business owners can actually watch as the advertisements are on route or delivered to their local neighborhoods or local businesses. This is all available online through an integrated map feature. With satellite positioning, it is more accurate than using cellular data for tracking them. There is also less of a chance of a glitch or other electronic issue.

Thanks to GPS tracking, business owners now have peace of mind knowing their hand-delivered flyers and door hangers were in fact delivered.

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