In Benefits of GPS Tracking

The obvious and most basic benefit of all vehicle tracking systems is always knowing where your company vehicles are. But what other benefits can you see with tracking that will help you achieve your business goals? GPS vehicle tracking is so much more than just knowing where your vehicles are. Implementing even the most basic of vehicle tracking can help you reduce operating costs, increase fleet security and safety, improve customer service and more.


Other Benefits:

Reduce Unauthorized Vehicle Use

GPS vehicle tracking is the best way to shine the light on employees and stop bad behavior in its tracks. Your vehicles are important to your business and you should be sure that they are not being misused for side jobs. With GPS fleet tracking, you can view and replay any journey made by your vehicles. You can also set Points of Interest at locations around town (like the local pub) and instantly be alerted when your vehicles show up there.

Control Fleet Fuel Costs

Many GPS vehicle tracking systems have preset alerts that can notify you when your vehicles are excessively idling or speeding. Reducing unnecessary idling and speeding can reduce your fuel bill considerably. The Geotab Idling Alert sends a notification when a vehicle crosses the idling threshold preset by the user, while the Speed Limits feature does the same when a vehicle exceeds a set speed limit. With all GPS vehicle tracking systems, the basic tracking function can also help you reduce your gas bill by aiding in efficient routing.

Reduce Labor Costs

Some GPS vehicle tracking systems have a timecard function so that you can make sure your drivers are paid correctly. Geotabs Hours Worked Report provides you with actual hours a vehicle is in operation, actual start and finish times, average daily hours and more.  Timecard reporting can help you reduce unearned overtime pay and also cut back on heavy paperwork in the office. You don’t want to spend precious time and energy validating time sheet entries and unraveling payroll issues.

Increase Productivity

If you are interested in getting more business while your drivers are out on the road, your choice of GPS tracking needs to have a “Find Nearest Vehicle” feature. When a job comes up during the day, you can use this functionality to find your closest technician. Adding just three extra jobs a week can increase your bottom line significantly. GPS vehicle tracking systems can minimize wasted time on job sites, reduce vehicle down time and shorten response times.

A recent study by the Aberdeen Group (a research firm that studies the effects of technology on business) titled Improving Productivity and Profitability through Service Fleet Management found the following benefits of GPS vehicle tracking systems:

  • 12.2 percent increase in service profitability
  • 14.8 percent reduction in average travel time per job
  • 9.9 percent decrease in overtime pay
  • 27.9 percent increase in operator compliance
  • 13.2 percent reduction in fuel costs
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