In Benefits of GPS Tracking


It is the responsibility of business owners and fleet managers to ensure their drivers are compliant with hours of service regulations every second they are behind the wheel of a company vehicle. Ensuring compliance with these industry standards ensures the safety of your drivers and other motorists on the road, and verifies organizational liability should an accident occur; but this can be a difficult and time consuming task to manage when you have a large number of drivers and vehicles operating at any given time.

Drivers who operate company vehicles outside of the HOS restrictions are a huge risk to your organization. Non-compliance affects the entire chain of responsibility from drivers to schedulers through to senior management. It is illegal to make a request or demand that would result in a fatigue related breach, and when an offense does occur, anyone who is involved can be held responsible. Fines vary depending on the severity of the breach and can cost drivers and/or companies thousands of dollars. Likewise, if an accident was to occur when a driver was outside his/her hours, they and your company would be completely liable.

Geotab drive offers a solution either with a Garmin attached device, or with a tablet attached to your Go Device. This will allow drivers to track their Hours of Service. This will alert you when they go over the amount of time and put them into violation. At the moment not all sectors are covered with this as legislation passes, but soon all areas will be available to be tracked with this option.

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