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With so many vehicles relying on fuel to provide services to customers. Companies with fleets need to maximize every drop of fuel that their fleets use. Using GPS Fleet Tracking your fleet can look into ways that you fleet are wasting fuel and help cut back your fuel costs.

GPS tracking is a sophisticated monitoring system that helps you increase your fuel efficiency. GPS tracking can help reduce high fuel costs with:

  1. Decreased Idle Times
  2. Improved Dispatching And Routing
  3. Speed Monitoring

Decreased Idle Times

When a vehicle idles approximately every hour is equal to that vehicle driving for 25 miles.  When you restart your vehicles engine it only takes approximately 30 seconds of engine idle time. When drivers try to control the climate it does cost you business a lot of money. GPS Tracking US in cab buzzers will notify your driver when he is wasting fuel idling, and decreasing his productivity.

Improved Dispatching And Routing

Fleet dispatchers can make sure that drivers take the most direct route to the job site. They can also see the exact location and see if fleet drivers are making unauthorized stops. Shorter traveling distances equal reduced fuel costs.

Speed Monitoring

Excessive speeding burns extra fuel and is a safety risk. Your drivers have an increase in getting a ticket or getting into a accident. Just speeding can increase fuel usage by 20%.GPS Fleet Tracking can monitor your drivers habits and help you to regain fuel savings and improve your drivers safety.

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