In News, Benefits of GPS Tracking


With greatly improved circuits and techniques, wireless replacements for wired applications in GPS tracking system are the definite trend. In particular, GPS tracking system device connectivity enabled by short-range wireless communication technologies such as NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can provide users with ideal services.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

This wireless connectivity technology enables devices to establish radio communication by bringing the devices close to each other. By implementing NFC in GPS tracking systems, users can scan the driver’s ID and configure devices. The NFC supports encryption and transfers the data through safe channels. Although some risk still exists, the threat of hackers and stolen information are significantly reduced. NFC has a competitive advantage over its rival, Bluetooth. NFC consumes less power, and does not need setup and connection establishment, which is something that is usually required by other technology.  If you want to configure your GPS tracking device in the simplest way, only one NFC tag is needed!


Another popular short-range communication option is Bluetooth, which works to automatically detect other devices and establish a connection. Most mobile phones are equipped with Bluetooth technology, especially since the Hands Free Driving law came into effect. Although Bluetooth technology provides users with some levels of convenience, the significant disadvantage surrounds security concerns. With Bluetooth, data is transferred over radio waves, making it much easier for hackers to break in. For this reason, Bluetooth should not be used to transfer data that needs to remain private and secure – and at Geotab, we do not develop our technology for Bluetooth communications purposes.


Wi-Fi is a popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the Internet wirelessly. In comparison to the other technologies listed – NFC and Bluetooth – Wi-Fi has a much higher bandwidth and a far larger communications range: 120 feet in door and 300 feet outdoor. In some cases, when users need to read massive data from GPS tracking system devices, Wi-Fi can help save costs and provide convenience. The configuration of Wi-Fi, however, is more complex than both NFC and Bluetooth.

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