In Benefits of GPS Tracking

When it comes to your business, you have to be mindful of every dollar going in and out. Labor costs are typically one of the largest expenses that any business is responsible for and employees working overtime can see that number expand quickly. While sometimes the cost is necessary, it’s the unnecessary costs that we need to worry about. GPS tracking software can be used to reduce labor costs by preventing unnecessary overtime by drivers.

This is achieved by a variety of features that are offered by our GPS tracking systems. Using the reports and real-time data provided by GPS tracking software, you can get a handle on your expenses and cut any unneeded costs.

Route optimization

By utilizing real-time data with route optimization, GPS tracking software can find the quickest and most efficient route to travel to the intended destination taking traffic, accidents, and construction into consideration. This will help to save on time and help to potentially reduce or eliminate the need for any overtime by drivers.

Driver timesheet verification

GPS tracking software can also show any discrepancies between driver timesheets and how long they were actually on the road. Whether from accidental or intentional errors on behalf of the driver, the accurate data provided from the vehicle tracking software will be able to confirm the truth.

GPS tracking alerts

With GPS tracking software, you can set up custom alerts for a wide variety of situations including speeding, engine diagnostics, seatbelt notifications, if a driver uses a company vehicle for personal use and much more! With GPS tracking alerts, you can monitor driving behavior which can help reduce overtime costs.

Monitor driver behavior

Since GPS tracking software can monitor driver behavior, you will always be aware of what your employees are doing while driving company vehicles. You can ensure that drivers aren’t deviating from set routes and are not making unauthorized stops. This can help to determine if overtime costs are legitimate or not. Not only will GPS tracking software help to cut costs, but it also improves productivity and ensures the safety of employees and company vehicles.


At GPS Tracking America, we offer Geotab’s GPS fleet tracking solutions for businesses of all sizes and tailored to your budget. GPS tracking devices and plans can be purchased in our new online store or you can call us toll free at 1-877-477-0987 where one of our knowledgeable sales representatives can help answer any of your questions.

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