Preventing Aggressive Driving In Your Fleet

Aggressive driving is very unproductive and unsafe , and one of the main benefits of fleet tracking is promoting safer driving habits. Here are some of the ways that fleet tracking can promote safer driving habits in your fleet: An accident or traffic violation can result in higher insurance rates. […] Read more »

Monitoring Temperatures of Reefer Trucks with GPS Tracking

Monitoring Temperatures of Reefer Trucks with GPS Tracking Large fleets are being changed by using high tech devices such as GPS tracking units and electronic on-board recorders. EOBRs can transmit important vehicle information in real time such as: The temperature in the truck’s refrigeration compartment Truck equipment problems and other […] Read more »

Inspiring Driver Competition With Driver ScoreCards

Implementing a fleet tracking system has its own benefits but there is an extra benefit that will help to improve the safety of your fleet at no additional cost. Using your fleet tracking solution you can measure your drivers performance and create incentives for your top drivers. Using data either […] Read more »

What Are Your Drivers Expected to Do To Improve Efficiency

It is expected that your drivers will go from one job to another, and complete the required tasks. It is also expected that the job will be completed efficiently and in a way that keeps your companies image in the best light. In the past we had to rely on […] Read more »

GPS Tracking System Provides Companies 6 Benefits

With the price of GPS tracking systems becoming more and more affordable for businesses, users are welcoming a variety of ways to apply GPS tracking and its benefits. Below are six great reasons for an organization to consider a GPS fleet tracking solution.  Safer Driving & Less Risk: Today’s GPS […] Read more »

Helping The Enviroment While Improving Fuel Efficiency

Reducing energy use and greenhouse gases is a major priority for the transport industry. Reducing fuel usage and improving fuel efficiency in fleet vehicles is one great way to help the environment. GPS tracking systems can help you lower your costs while improving your goals of a greener fleet. Reduce […] Read more »

Vehicle Tracking For Commercial Fleets

Many companies looking for additional data about their fleet of vehicles and trying to determine their locations turn to vehicle tracking. Vehicle tracking devices rely on either GLONMASS or GPS technology to locate their vehicles. Vehicle tracking systems are most common utilized by fleet operators for routing, dispatching, tracking, onboard […] Read more »