Diesel Prices Fluctuating, Many Truckers Still pay over $4 a Gallon

Diesel Prices Fluctuating

Diesel fuel prices dropped 1.9 cents a gallon this week, according to the Department of Energy (DOA), following a downward trend in July. The average price of diesel is now $3.894 a gallon across the country, but truckers are still paying over $4 a gallon in many areas, including New […] Read more »

Driver Fatigue and the Conflicted HOS 34-Hour Reset Rule

34-Hour Reset Rule

Author: Michael Murkovic, Senior Software Developer Geotab The updated Hours of Service (HOS) 34-hour reset rule for drivers’ cycle resets has been in place for about a year in the United States, but the rule has still has not managed to reach a plateau of acceptance. According to the FMCSA, […] Read more »

GPS Truck Tracking and Bus Tracking

Bus Tracking

An advanced bus tracking system from GPS Tracking US lets you know where your vehicles are, when they will arrive for pickup or delivery, and even how fast they are traveling. With detailed reporting capabilities, you can provide outstanding customer service and manage a better business all around. GPS Tracking USA […] Read more »

Service and Delivery Truck Tracking

Delivery Truck

In today’s fast-pace and high-tech market, your customers expect quality service delivered on time, every time. GPS Tracking USA delivery truck tracking systems provide tracking and reporting capabilities for service and delivery vehicles, helping you provide standout customer service – at a lower cost. When you know the “where” and […] Read more »

14 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Transportation Companies

GPS Fleet Tracking

Save on operating expenses – Reduce unnecessary overhead costs by eliminating excess fuel consumption, billing discrepancies, unnecessary overtime expenses, and unauthorized vehicle usage. Reduce insurance costs – Many insurance providers give discounted premiums (up to 35 percent) for companies that have vehicles equipped with a real-time fleet tracking system. Optimize […] Read more »

Tracking solution for Transportation companies

Tracking solution

1. Need to minimize the risk of vehicle theft and stolen merchandise The problem with stolen merchandise and hijacked vehicles is increasing for many transportation companies. Profit margins can quickly be turned into big losses if a heavy truck is stolen. Solution: In GPS Tracking USA Server you can be […] Read more »

Fleet Tracking System

fleet tracking system

GPS Tracking USA offers the highest technology of GPS tracking. The Fleet Tracking System offers full traceability and detailed real-time both of its fleet of vehicles, cars, motorcycles, ships, trucks as well as goods, containers, construction, machinery and even personal property tracking. You can track and monitor live or view over […] Read more »

The Story on Cargo Theft

Cargo Theft

Cargo theft isn’t a new crime. One could argue that it’s one of mankind’s oldest wrongdoings, developing in parallel with civilization over thousands of years. What is piracy other than cargo theft on the open sea? Today, truck fleets across the country face increased pressures from cargo theft, and the […] Read more »

Cargo Theft Can Only Take 30 Seconds

Cargo Theft

It is the costliest crime in America, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Organized crime drives it, money fuels it, and it has gone international. It happens nearly three times a day somewhere in America, and in California it happens twice as often as anywhere else in the nation. […] Read more »