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Trucking Company Prevents Cargo Theft GPS Fleet Tracking

Trucking Company Prevents Cargo Theft

The theft of cargo and trucks has advanced in recent years cargo thieves are now even dressing up as delivery drivers to drive away with your property. They will now need to think twice as they are now being tracked by GPS fleet tracking solutions.

GPS tracking technology is one type of technology that is helping to prevent and catch thieves. Originally used by civilians, and the military, GPS tracking technology is now helping local police find thieves and prevent crimes.

The most recent cargo thieves in Wichita, Kansas are going the simple route and dressing up as truckers to load freight from the cargo truck to their own, then simply driving off with the goods. But they don’t stand a chance against state-of-the-art GPS fleet tracking technology that helps track not just the truck, but the goods as well. These types of thieves are aware of GPS trackers, but not where they are located. They assume the cargo truck has the GPS tracker, but don’t’ realize the cargo containers have hidden trackers as well.

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