Trucking Company Prevents Cargo Theft GPS Fleet Tracking

Trucking Company Prevents Cargo Theft

Trucking Company Prevents Cargo Theft GPS Fleet Tracking The theft of cargo and trucks has advanced in recent years cargo thieves are now even dressing up as delivery drivers to drive away with your property. They will now need to think twice as they are now being tracked by GPS […] Read more »

The Story on Cargo Theft

Cargo Theft

Cargo theft isn’t a new crime. One could argue that it’s one of mankind’s oldest wrongdoings, developing in parallel with civilization over thousands of years. What is piracy other than cargo theft on the open sea? Today, truck fleets across the country face increased pressures from cargo theft, and the […] Read more »

Cargo Theft Can Only Take 30 Seconds

Cargo Theft

It is the costliest crime in America, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Organized crime drives it, money fuels it, and it has gone international. It happens nearly three times a day somewhere in America, and in California it happens twice as often as anywhere else in the nation. […] Read more »