In Benefits of GPS Tracking

What is the triple bottom line?

It is an expanded version of the business concept of the bottom line that includes social and environmental results, in addition to financial results. It is oftentimes simply referred to as the 3P’s, and includes the following:


The use of sustainable environmental practices and the reduction of environment impact.


The fair and favorable business practices regarding labor and the community in which the company conducts its business


The economic value created by the company, or the economic benefit to the surrounding community and society

In today’s day in age, social media is changing the business world and the responsibilities faced by management. No longer is the term “social responsibility” a novel idea amongst business or a buzzword. Society now considers social and environmental issues when making daily decisions. Where to work, what to buy, where to shop and which products and services to recommend to others.

All of the 3P’s can be created, communicated and have real meaningful impact with GPS fleet management and vehicle tracking. Here are just some examples:

  • Monitor no-drive zones by establishing geo-fences around residential areas and public spaces
  • Monitor driver behavior to guarantee drivers are behaving responsibly when they are operating your vehicles and representing your business to customers
  • Keep your drivers and field staff safe by managing fatigue in keeping with the latest duty of care industry regulations, such as hours of service
  • Make sure you’re putting safe vehicles on the road and helps you keep on top on routine maintenance and track mechanical service history of vehicles
  • Alerts and reports reduce idling for an excessive amount of time saving fuel and GHG

With intelligent fleet management, efficient planning and a more economical driving style adopted by your employees, your business can help contribute towards a better environment. Each mile not driven is not only extra profit for your organization, but a reduction of your organization’s carbon footprint.

To find out more on how GPS tracking technology systems can significant impact your 3P’s, you can contact us.

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