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User Guide for Geotab GO Devices

OBDII Port Adjustment :  Guide for extension cable use or repositioning the OBDII Port

Please keep in mind that there are variances in the position of the OBD II port from vehicle to vehicle. In some cases the port may be tucked away and unobtrusive and in other cases it may be sticking out. Regardless of what type of vehicle you have, we recommend using the adapter to prevent any difficulties with your GPS unit. Using this optional adapter is strongly recommended as it will greatly reduce the potential issues with plug and play units, including reducing the ability of your employees to “accidentally” nudge or knock the unit if it is noticeable, as a means of disabling or unplugging the units.

You can consider making a minor adjustment to your OBDII port if the unit sticks out too much. It is a very simple adjustment that can easily be done.
All OBDII ports will either have two screws, one single screw, or no screws at all (popping in/out of the frame) connecting the port to the vehicle. Start by unscrewing the OBDII port. Turn it 90°, and fasten it back to the vehicle using something simple like a twist tie.

1. Option One: No cost solution.

OBDII port position

2. Optionally purchase and install OBDII extension cable:

If this minor adjustment is something that you do not want to try, then you can reposition the unit by purchasing an extension cable. The video below shows you how you can install it.

This video features the GO5 model, however the concept works the same way for all subsequent models.

Please Note: The video tutorial is not entirely accurate. The ribbon extension cable is not included with the purchase of the Geotab GO tracker and the ribbon extension cable has been discontinued.

There is a new version of the extension cable. Purchase the OBDII extension cable here: OBDII Extension Cable

3. Optionally purchase and install the Universal 16-pin (OBD II) T-harness

The OBD II T-harness is very easy to install and can be used to place the Geotab Go device behind the dash.  It becomes a covert (hidden) installation it  and frees up the OBDII port.
This “T” harness can be purchased here

See below for a diagram of the T-harness:  


Here are the instructions showing you how to install the T-Harness. OBD II T-harness installation. 

You can use either the Extension Cable or the T-Harness depending on your needs