GPS Tracking in the Elevator Installation and Repair Industry

Benefits include faster response times,
reduction in paperwork and more

Provided by GPS Tracking America

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  • Increase in critical jobs response times with GPS tracking
  • Reduction in admin time spent managing paper and excel systems
  • Compliance with Lone Worker legislation
  • Enhance engineer efficiency with an electronic timesheet system
  • Idling: After 5 minutes will beep in cab buzzer to remind workers to turn off the vehicle to save gas
  • Live Tracking: Allows you to view where all vehicles are located to dispatch the closet to the next job
  • Routing: Allows you to optimize routes to save on fuel and time.
  • Trips History: Allows you to view all routes taken by your drivers.


If this is a feature you would like to incorporate into your  Elevator installation and repair fleet
Give us a call at 1-877-477(GPS)0987 or
you can submit a form to a sales representative and have them contact you